Our TK Excellence Cheer Team is one of two branches of our TK Excellence Teams, with the other branch being our TK Excellence Gymnastics Team. The two teams work both individually and hand-in-hand to build upon each athlete's individual talents and skills.


Our cheer team has the special focus of honoring God on and off the cheer floor, as well as being a light for others through their exceptional talents. The commitment that our coaches have made to the TK Excellence Cheer Team includes the integration of Christian principles and the development of true teamwork. We teach our athletes how to uplift one another and provide encouragement to their teammates in order to maintain a continuously positive and learning-rich atmosphere. Through the teaching strategy of "praise in public; correct in private", coaches focus first on the refining of tumbling skills, stunting concepts, and jumps before then moving on to skill progression. 

The team colors for the 2021 competition season are lime green, black, and white.

Our Cheer Team will be delayed to start until January 2021. We HIGHLY suggest signing your Cheerleader up for one of our Cheer Classes as soon as possible so she will be ready for the season! Give us a call (937-866-8356) or email us ( with any questions!

TK excellence cheer team

this is your moment.


TK Excellence  Cheer Team