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a TK production

it's your time to shine.

Let your child show what they have learned in their class(es) at our spring Class Show, where participants are able to perform routines on each event, that they will learn in their class, in front of family and friends! To uphold a positive atmosphere, we encourage our audience to clap and cheer throughout the day for all of our wonderful participants. The grand performances by our upper-level competitive teams will take your breath away and show you what could be in your child's gymnastics, tumbling, or cheerleading future. Last, but definitely not least, you will be able to enjoy the highly-anticipated staff performance, where your kids' teachers have the opportunity to show what kind of gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer skills they have...or don't'll have to come to find out!

Every one of our participants will receive a ribbon on each event and a trophy at the end of the show for what we know will be an outstanding performance! They also will have their name announced while they individually stand and salute upon a podium in front of the audience, during which time you will be able to snap some memorable shots.

This year (2024) we will be adding in a Swim Class Show! Each student will show their swim skills including, but not limited to: freestyle, back stroke, replay ribbon, dive/float/flip. Each child will swim each stroke twice & be timed, trying to beat their previous swim time. Each student will receive 4 swim achievement ribbons for forward swim, backward swim, team relay, & other skills. They will also receive a trophy!

Note: as TK is a child-oriented organization with your kids' safety and happiness as our highest priority, we ensure that all of our Class Show themes are kid-friendly, and we do not incorporate any effects or characters that we believe could be frightening to our students in any way.

2024 Dates: Swim- Friday, May 10th       Gym- Saturday, May 11th

This year's Theme: Paris Olympic theme! (Red, White, & Blue)

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