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The TK Mission:

Serving children and families by providing athletic enrichment in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Christian Values

We place God at the center of

our organization and are committed to

the implementation of biblical standards

in all that we do.

Excellence in Teaching 

The incredible work we do is only possible 

with our dynamic team who is fully invested

in bringing joy, positivity, and true learning

to TK Kids, as well as cultivating memories

for families that will last a lifetime.

Our Roots:

Just as the strength of a tree is determined by its roots, we believe that the strength of an organization is determined by its fundamental values.


Here at TK, we strive to hold true to our mission statement by ensuring that our "roots", or our 4 core principles, are continually established:



Family-Centered Service

We include families as a key part of the

TK Team that is devoted to the development

of success in each student.  

Growth in Athletics

Our belief that every child is an exceptional

athlete in their own unique way drives us to

help students expand upon their fitness level

and channel their love for learning.

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