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Our TK Excellence Gymnastics Team is one of two branches of our TK Excellence Teams, with the other branch being our TK Excellence Cheer Team. The two teams work both individually and hand-in-hand to build upon each athlete's individual talents and skills. The gymnastics team consists of our competitive gymnasts, levels 2-10.


Through our TK Excellence Gymnastics Team, we promote the development of God-honoring principles and a teachable spirit among all of our competitive athletes, and we teach our team gymnasts the importance of an exceptional work ethic, as well as how to exude an attitude that promotes good role modeling for younger gymnasts. Through the teaching strategy of "praise in public; correct in private", coaches focus first on the refining of gymnastics skills before then moving on to skill and routine progression. The gymnastics competition season spans from October to May, and our gymnasts have the opportunity to travel throughout the state and region competing against other gymnasts.

Our theme colors for the 2021 competition season are hot pink, black, and white.


TK Excellence Gymnastics Team

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