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COVID-19 Protocols

What Twigs Kids does:

*Professional cleaning occurs twice per week with additional times scheduled as needed.

*Daily cleaning schedule is performed by all staff members using hospital grade disinfectant.

*All students arriving with parents throughout the day are highly encouraged to wash hands or use sanitizer.

*Additional hand sanitizers have been placed throughout our facility for use by both staff and customers.

*Continual cleaning and disinfecting of mats and hand contact areas are performed by our staff and have     

   been scheduled into our staff teaching rotations labeled “cleaning rotation”.

*Staff have been instructed to remain at home and secure a sub for their classes should they experience any

  cold or flu symptoms.

*Children are divided into separate groups IMMEDIATELY upon entering the gym going to their assigned area.

*Conducting daily health assessments of employees (temperature).                                                                       

*Maintaining good hygiene, hand washing and social distancing. 

*Cleaning and sanitizing workplaces throughout the day and at the close of business or between shifts. 

*Limiting capacity to meet social distancing guidelines.

*Main entrance area now has three designated lanes to correspond with entering, exiting or office needs.

*Noah’s Ark (5 & Under Gymnast) will exit through Noah’s Ark designated emergency exit door.

*All seven and over program participants will exit through emergency door at back of building.

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